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Finding Cassie Crazy

The Year of Secret Assignments (US)


Finding Cassie Crazy / The Year of Secret Assignments

When Lydia, Emily, and Cassie are assigned pen pals among the thugs at Brookfield High, they respond in characteristic style:

Cassie: “Ialways think it’s funny when a teacher tries to be cool. I want to sit them down and say ‘It’s okay, you’re a grown-up, you’re allowed to be a nerd,’ and they will look up at me confused but also relieved and teary-eyed.”

Lydia: “I am a fish. You wouldn’t think so to look at me, what with my uniform and the hair on top of my head and all that. But it’s true. I am a fish.”

Emily: “Don’t get me started about chocolate! My nickname might be ‘Em,’ but sometimes it’s also Toblerone! I think this is an angiogram of Thompson, which is my last name.”

And their pen-pals? Sebastian is an artist, a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and a major hottie. Charlie is utterly gullible, a car expert/occasional thief, and a really sweet guy. But Matthew is…well, he’s either a psychopath or a figment of Cassie’s imagination, neither of which is a good sign. And what starts out as a simple letter exchange leads to secret assignments, false alarms, lock picking, legal drama, mistaken identities, Dates with Girls, and all-out war between the schools . . . the biggest challenge Lydia, Cass, and Emily’s friendship has ever faced.

  • American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults
  • Horn Book Magazine Fanfare Book
  • Booklist Editor’s Choice
  • Books for Youth (Awards)
  • Amazon Editor’s Choice
  • Virginia Young Readers Award Nominee
  • IRA 2006 Young Adults' Choice

What others said about Finding Cassie Crazy

"A bravura performance... Finding Cassie Crazy is the funniest book I've read in years"
– John Marsden in the Age

“A funny and good-natured who-dunnit. It’s a pacey, tightly woven book.”
– Times Educational Supplement

“This energetic novel reveals the author's keen understanding of teen dynamics and invites audience members to read between the lines to discover what makes each character tick. Containing elements of mystery, espionage, romance and revenge, Moriarty's story will likely satisfy hearty appetites for suspense and fun.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Emily, and Cassie are longtime friends who share almost everything, especially the secret assignments that they have cooked up for one another in times of need since elementary school. … The adventures of the friends are funny, exciting, and, at times, poignant as they deal with problems of growing up and developing relationships. This delightful book set in Australia is full of fun, engaging characters, and important messages about friendship.”
– School Library Journal

“Moriarty managed an effective blend of the serious and the mundane: Emily’s father’s notes to his daughter, in the form of legal briefs and depositions, are wildly funny, Cassie’s dairy entries about her grief over her father’s death are poignant, and Lydia is a satisfyingly complex character whose creativity, energy and sensitivity mingle uneasily with her tendencies toward sarcasm and power-brokering. Between the love stories, the criminal activities, and the working-through of pain, there is a bit of something her for everyone.”
– Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Who can resist Moriarty’s biting humor?”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Finding Cassie Crazy is an even more accomplished novel than its predecessor … It's the fierce and at times uncompromising loyalty the three girls share that provides the novel's emotional core and satisfying pay off. … Moriarty manages to maintain suspense and mystery — and humour — around all the relationships. She also manages to sketch in the minor characters with great skill … I recommend it unreservedly to Misrule readers”
– Misrule

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